Reasons To Study MBBS in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world located in northern Eurasia sharing its borders with many countries including Norway and Finland in the northwest, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus in the west, China, Mongolia and the Korean People’s Democratic Republic in the southeast. Today, Russia is leading among many countries that offer MBBS and other medical programs to the students from around the world. Russia has become a major hub of medical education in Europe. The quality of education is Russia is the best among all the countries in Europe. The Russia Medical Universities have marked a position for themselves with their exceptional medical teaching style which is unmatched by any other country.

Here are a few of the reasons why a student should get his MBBS degree from Russia:

  1. All the medical universities of Russia are recognized by the world’s major organizations like UNESCO, World Health Organization and Medical Council of India.
  2. The cost of medical education in Russian Medical Universities is much lower as compared to other countries of Europe, UK, USA and many others.
  3. The government of Russia funds and helps the medical universities to maintain the quality and standard of education.
  4. The medical universities of Russia are equipped with modern technology and world class infrastructure and technology.
  5. Not only Russian medical universities offer low-cost education, the standard of living of students is also very high.
  6. The books and reading material issued in Russian medical schools comes in several of languages which make it easier for international students to learn their subject.
  7. The students who pass out from a medical college in Russia are eligible to work in any part of the world after passing the specific national medical exam of that country.
  8. The students are not required to clear IELTS/TOEFL for getting admission in the medical colleges in Russia.
  9. Russia offers a multi-cultural environment to the medical students. Students from all over the world are studying in Russian medical universities.
  10. The curriculum of Russian medical universities is designed as per the international standards.
  11. The study in the medical colleges of Russia is not confined to the lecture halls, the students are rather encouraged to participate in various seminars and conferences held in other universities which help them in gaining good experience and knowledge in their field.
  12. The students are also offered the opportunity to go on clinical rounds with their mentors to gain a better experience as a professional specialist.
  13. The admission procedure is very simple. Students are not required to take any entrance exam for admission in medical colleges in Russia.
  14. Many Russian medical colleges offer to teach in English which is a great advantage for foreign students.
  15. The process of visa application for Russia for international students is very simple as compared to other countries
  16. Indian students who complete their MBBS in Russia can come back to India and work here after completing the national medical examination conducted by the Medical council of India. Same applies to the students from other countries who wish to go back and work in their respective countries.
  17. The universities not only provide the best education but the students are also encouraged to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities.

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